1. Dashlink Print: Requirements & Installation


Before installing Dashlink Print you must make sure to have all previous versions of QZ Tray uninstalled.

Each client will need to manually uninstall QZ Tray first, the two applications should not coexist because they will fight for the same port number.

  • For Windows, the uninstall can be performed through the Control Panel/System Preferences.
  • For Mac, the app can be dragged to the recycling bin, or advanced users may wish to run the uninstall script.
  • For Linux, the uninstall script is needed.


Minimum System Requirements

Java Versions

ProductMinimum Version
Dashlink Print 2.2.2OpenJDK 11 (bundled)

Operating Systems

Operating SystemMinimum Version
Apple OS XOS X 10.7 Lion or higher*
Microsoft WindowsWindows XP or higher*
LinuxUbuntu 12.04 Precise or higher

Version 2.0 or higher requires 512MB of free memory (RAM), recommends 6GB or higher total system memory for raster graphics.

*Safari 5.1.7 is bundled with Lion but is not supported. Alternate browser required.
*Windows XP requires manual certificate installation. Will prompt at install time.

Web Browsers

Web BrowserMinimum Version
SafariSafari 6.0.3 or higher
FirefoxFirefox 31 or higher*
ChromeChrome 31 or higher
Internet ExplorerIE 10 or higher*
Microsoft Edge20.x or higher*

* Firefox requires a browser restart for HTTPS
* IE/Edge on domain networks require external DNS access to localhost.qz.io due to a Local Intranet Limitation.


  1. Download the appropriate version of Dashlink Print for your operating system
  2. Install, taking the defaults.
    • For Mac Users: Navigate to the folder that contains the file and open it to launch the installation program or drag the icon to your Application folder.


Operating System Download Version 2.2.2
Windows (Intel)Download
Windows (ARM)Download
Mac (Intel)Download
Mac (Apple Silicon)Download

Firefox steps

The following steps are required for Windows, Linux and Mac to gain HTTPS support in Firefox.

  • Currently, in order for HTTPS to work with Firefox, Dashlink Print must be installed (or reinstalled) AFTER Firefox.
  • The certificate installation is performed when Firefox is opened, so closing all running versions of Firefox is required for HTTPS support.
  • Mac users will need to fully quit Firefox via Command (⌘) + Q.
  • PortableFirefox users will have to follow special instructions via the PortableFirefox Support page


If you have any questions or issues using the Dashboard, please open up a support case by writing us at: upsplugins@ecommerce.help and include the following information

  1. Error Description (ideally with video/screenshots)
  2. Computer Operating System
  3. Printer Model


If you should run into issues, please check also our Troubleshooting Guides for Dashlink Print.

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