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How do I request my UPS Access Key?

Login to your account. After you’ve successfully logged in, please open the following link to the UPS Developer…

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Can I use the official UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point® Plugin to ship globally or is it limited to shipping within supported countries?

Yes, the packages manifested through the plugins can be shipped to any country, as long as the…

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When I link my UPS account with the plugin, can I also set the new password that I have reset on within the plugin?

Yes, please navigate to the ‘Account’ section on the plugin settings and find the option to ‘Reset…

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I am getting the following error: “The invoice information entered does not match the UPS Account. To ship with this UPS account, the correct invoice information must be entered.”

If you see this error when setting up the plugin via invoice information, please reach out to…

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Do you support UPS API integration cases?

Support is only provided for official UPS plugins that can be downloaded from either the UPS website or official marketplaces such…

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Is it possible to install the UPS plugin on my Shopify store?

Yes! The UPS eCommerce Shipping Dashboard allows you to connect your Shopify store directly from the ‘Stores’…

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What platforms does the UPS plugin support?

Our plugin is compatible with the following platforms: WooCommerce, Magento 2, PrestaShop and OpenCart. You can check…

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Does the UPS plugin add a fuel surcharge to the rate given by UPS?

Yes, the UPS plugin adds a fuel surcharge to the rate provided by UPS.

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Do I have to go into the UPS dashboard every time an order is placed and enter in the addresses to pay for it or does the plugin automate this?

This setting is available in the plugin. You can set this up on the shipping manager section…

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Is UPS plugin configuration complicated?

The UPS plugin configuration is a simple one-time process. Please follow the step by step installation guide…

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