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Changelog: UPS PrestaShop Plug-In

August 10, 2022 — V3.0.0 Download Plugin v3.0.0 UPS version Updated **Improvement** Plugin supports all UPS supported…

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Changelog: UPS OpenCart Plug-In

August 08, 2022 — V2.9.0 Download Plugin v2.9.0 UPS version Updated **Improvement** Automatically generate UPS Access Key…

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Changelog UPS Magento 2 Plug-In

August 08, 2022 — V2.4.0 Download Extension v2.4.0 UPS version Updated **Improvement** Ability for merchants to set…

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6. Setting Length Width Height for Product

Figure 56 – Setting Length Width Height Flow diagram   1. Go to product attributes  Login Magento admin…

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5. Plugin – Shipment Management

In order to access Shipment Management panel, click on the tab on the left menu. In the…

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4. Plugin – Merchant Configuration

When installing the plugin for the first time, the merchant needs to go through the Configuration section…

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3. Uninstalling UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point®: Official Extension

To uninstall a Magento 2.x extension:  1. In the Installed Extensions section, click Uninstall from the Actions list as the following figure shows.  Figure 19 – Installed Extensions  2. Continue…

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2. Installing UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point®: Official Extension from Market Place

To install a Magento 2.x extension:   1. Log in to the Admin of your Magento store as a user with…

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1. Before You Start

Please keep in mind the following before you start installing and configuring the UPS Shipping and UPS…

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