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Can I use this plugin only for Printing labels without showing the rates on the cart/checkout page?

Rates on the cart/checkout page are always shown when using the plugin so at the moment it…

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I’ve installed the official UPS Access Points Plugin but I don’t see the Access Point map?

In most of the cases your account number does not have the necessary contract to ship to…

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Can I set up country-based flat rates in the plugin?

The country-based flat rate setup has to be done through the default commerce system’s functionality or through…

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What should I do if my negotiated rates are not displaying in the storefront of my commerce system?

In case you have such issues please contact us by opening up a support ticket via or and provide…

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Can I print/download shipping labels using the plugin?

Yes, you can print/download shipping labels from within the Shipment manager section of the plugin. The second…

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Is there an option for drop-shipping in the plugin?

Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t support drop-shipping. 

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Is it possible to set up flat rates for UPS Access Points based on the weight of a product?

Unfortunately, no – the flat rate for UPS Access Points is possible to set up only based…

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5. Plugin – Shipment Management

To access the Shipment Management panel, click on the tab on the side menu. In the Shipment…

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4. WooCommerce Plugin Configuration

When installing the plugin for the first time, the merchant needs to go through the WooCommerce Plugin…

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3. Plugin – Uninstallation

1. Disable the UPS Shipping plugin in Back office.  Figure 21 – Disable  2. Disable the UPS Shipping plugin in…

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