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Will the plugin keep my settings when I updated it?

Yes, your plugin settings are saved when you update the plugin.

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Can you support me in case of an issue?

Yes, feel free to contact us here: Please keep in mind that, in most cases, for…

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If I enable free shipping in my eCommerce system, it doesn’t work for UPS. You have to pay to use this carrier. How do I set up free shipping from a certain amount?

There is an option in the plugin where you can set a Flat rate as Free shipping….

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I use my own boxes to ship my products. Can I set up the UPS plugin in such a way that it considers my boxes while calculating the shipping cost and printing shipping labels?

Yes, you can use your own boxes to ship products. To learn how to set this up,…

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Will this plugin use my UPS account to pay for shipping?

Yes, you can sync your UPS account to use your information. If you do not have a…

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Will this plugin auto-fill the shipping information from my WooCommerce orders to the shipping labels in UPS?

Once the order is placed, the plugin does not pull the shipping information from the order. It…

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Is it possible to generate multiple shipping labels per item for a single order?

Currently, it is not possible to generate multiple shipping labels per item for a single order. At…

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Currently I have not measured or weighed my products. Can I still print labels?

Shipping labels can only be printed for products that are weighed and measured.

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Can I use this plugin only for Printing labels without showing the rates on the cart/checkout page?

Rates on the cart/checkout page are always shown when using the plugin so at the moment it…

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I’ve installed the official UPS Access Points Plugin but I don’t see the Access Point map?

In most of the cases your account number does not have the necessary contract to ship to…

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